About us

Our mission is to provide our community with accurate information and educational resources regarding the life issues of abortion, infanticide and euthanasia, as well as promoting assistance to women and families facing unexpected pregnancies and those recovering from abortion.  We do this through education, legislation and grassroots activism.


  • Displays at public events that highlight the beauty of life in all ages and stages.
  • Life Lessons available for Kindergarten through 12th grade for use in Sunday School, youth group sessions and Vacation Bible School.
  • Ads in the UT Daily Beacon that inform students of the truth about abortion.
  • Presentations and resources available on all life issues for civic groups, churches, Sunday School classes and more.


  • In 2010 passed the Freedom from Coercion Act requiring abortion facilities to post a sign reassuring women and girls that no one can force them into an unwanted abortion.
  • Passed legislation that exempt Tennessee from the abortion mandate in the health care reform package.

Grassroots action:

  • Sponsors yearly March for Life in January to commemorate the 1973 Supreme Court Decision (Roe v. Wade) legalizing abortion.
  • Holds high school Art and Oratory Contests to help equip students to express their pro-life convictions.